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Financial Support

This service may not be available at all times ; The Mariposa Mission

 strives on community support efforts

The Story of Sam

Sam is a 12 year old residing in Hazel Dell. Sam's family financially struggles to feed their children and maintain a roof over their heads, despite both parents working full time.  Sam is extremely interested in guitar lessons but his parents cannot afford it.  Sam does not understand why, after all, they both work.   Mom reaches out to The Mariposa Mission, requesting assistance. The Mariposa Mission manages to get a donated guitar plus finds a local company that can provide 1 month of lessons at half off.  The Mariposa Mission pays the 50%.


Be between ages 10 and 14.

Have a financial need 
Reside in Clark County

When financially available, we can provide partial to full products and services for your tween.  Products and services must align with our core mission and values.   Whole-family support includes rental and home ownership mortgage payments,  car payments,  clothing, and food. 

Families can be eligible more than once, however, a significant amount of time must pass.


To see past recipients, click here

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