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The Hangout
The Hangout will be a drop-in youth center for our middle school aged youth in Camas and surrounding areas.   We have our eyes set on downtown or immediate area, within Liberty MS' school district.   The number of youths at a time are limited only by physical limitations and volunteer supervision.  While there is no ratio set for our adults to children because this is not a childcare, we will adequately staff our volunteers to the program.  Lack of volunteers would lead to closure of the center for the day.  

The youth will be provided areas and materials for their entertainment.  Community guests can come in to teach new skills based off their interest.  Tweens can travel on outings to places such as the movies or the pool.

Background checked volunteers will sign up for days they can help. Ideally, several 'regulars' are needed, and once those regulars are established, the occasional volunteer can spend time in 2 or 4 hour shifts during the regular school day. On non-school days, this extends to 6 or 8 hours. Additionally, occasional volunteers can take the kids on outings. Volunteers are highly reliable, aware of their surroundings,  fun, accepting, engaging, show good judgement, can handle multiple tweens with various personalities at once, and responds in an emergency and, of course, must pass the tween "vibe check. " 

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